What can
Space Invaders
do for you?
We ignite creativity, disrupt the comfortable and take detours to determine marketing that works at capturing the attention of your audience, ultimately driving traffic and sales to your asset.
Everything you need to invade the market with your brand's message

Our services are supported by our many years of marketing experience and expertise. Our entire team has either been onsite or has worked in the marketing field, so we know what it takes to infiltrate your market and provide you with quality leads. We'll work tirelessly to deliver the results you expect.

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    Contact Lists

    How would you like to contact your target audience DIRECTLY? We have access to hundreds of schools' student contact lists around the nation! We can even send out a large and purposeful eblast or direct mailer to the students within your list!

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    Street Teams

    Our street teams invade markets and gain exposure of your product by strategically infiltrating your target demographic with your flyers, promotional items or sample product in prime areas that resonate with your consumer.

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    Partnership Outreach Programs

    Are you interested in partnering with local businesses and organizations in your market to help promote your brand, but don't have the time or bandwidth to complete the preliminary leg work? Call us!

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    Bar Promotions

    Our team tackles the bar scene for you by invading the highest trafficked bars, during the prime times. This tactic enables our team to hand out promotional items and interact with your prime consumer in their social setting.

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    Dorm Storms

    Our team invades client specified dorms by sliding flyers under doors ensuring promotion to each room, often occupied by more than one student, increasing impressions and reach. This tactic is also beneficial for businesses desiring to reach students new to town.

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    Comp Storms

    Our team invades client specified competitor locations by placing flyers or door hangers on all doors and/or cars around the location. This type of invasion allows your business to strategically target your direct competition and it's patrons who might be looking for a change.

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    Greek Storms

    Our team invades up to 10 Greek Houses of your choice by hand delivering flyers, or promotional items, to all of the members. This is beneficial for businesses targeting a demographic that tends to make decisions as a group and make a strong impression in a group setting.

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    Is your property or business located off the main road, but you need to increase exposure and foot traffic immediately? Try our Sign Spinning services! Your team stays in the office, handling the day to day and closing on leases, while our team plugs in some tunes and shows the community how fun it would be to check you out!

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    Add-On Services

    - Prospect Call Banks

    - Renewal Door Knocks/Calls

    - Creation and Printing of Marketing Collateral

    - Asset Exclusivity

    - Lead Generation

    - Prepping Marketing Materials

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